Maintenance works carried out. Please check back for updates as they are carried out.

Entrance foyer carpet cleaned and armchairs in middle bar steam cleaned.

Bar area sanded down and re varnished tops in all three bars. Front and rear counters. 

Middle bar walls and doors painted.

Thirty two new low wattage LED light batons fitted in the hall ceiling. 

With a saving of over 40W per unit on the old fitting this will represent a power saving of 1.28KW of electricty for every hour they are on compared to the old units. Which will represent a significant cost saving over the year.

New windows installed in lounge bar all the way around also new window in foyer entrance and new windows installed in the ladies and gents toilet for  the lounge bar

New LNB and cabling installed to sky equipent that was damaged by persons climbing on the building roof.

Roof along side and rear where lead was stolen repaired with new specialist fibreglass product with a twenty five year life expectancy.

cctv upgrade to insurance and credit card company approved standard.

New four section window installed in main bar

Proffessional clean of lounge and bar as well as hall areas.

Several emergency light units replaced in hall and parish communal areas.

Main boilers serviced and new gas safety cetification carried out.

Rusty steel pipework and radiator valves to several radiators in lounge and main entrance as well as lobby are replaced.

New water mains pipe in pvc to supply dishwashers and ice macine so as no lead contamination.

Fire alarm upgraded to current specification and new main board and sensors installed.

New fireproof curtains installed in lounge with new blinds.

New Tables and stools purchased for main bar area.

Major upgrade of big screen viewing with 5000 lumen laser projector.

New ceiling fans fitted in main bar.

New taps fitted in all toilets including the hall  with auto shut off to prevent water wastage and also incorporating anti scald valves.

Taps in both kitchen areas new cartridge inserts fitted.

New tap fitted in side shed to allow watering of plants in patio area.

Two new glass washers and new industrial dishwasher installed in bar area and kitchen.

New carpet fitted in Lounge

New hand dryers fitted in hall changing room

Major clean and tidy of car park area. Front of club jetwashed

New Chip fryers purchased and installed in kitchen

Roof repaired where lead was stolen from room on the rear corner of the building.

Rear stage are painted for bands playing at the venue.

Door duty area painted.

Gas safety inspection and certification carried out.

Electrical safety certification carried out to club areas.

 Roof repaired above ladies toilet stopping water leaking in. ceiling in ladies toilet made good and painted.

 All gents toilets fitted with person sensor flushing devices for saving water.

Kitchen has had major deep clean of all equipment and extraction fan systems to insurance approved standard. Bearings in fan motor replaced.

Emergency ligh bulkheads that were faulty replaced.

Smoking area rebuilt with low maintenace posts as well as new flower planters built and fitted out with flowers. Area steam cleaned and new benches purchased.