Loyalty Card

Terms and conditions.

New point of sale system installed with member loyalty scheme.

Due to old p.o.s system constantly failing and several attempts at repairs proving to be unsuccesful as well as non cost effective.

The new system will be beneficial to the club member cardholders as they will be entitled to a preferential discount which will not be available to temporary members and guests members.

This will help keep our costs lower to the members which we can pass on as a price saving.

The loyalty card is for the sole use of the member whose name appears on the card.

The loyalty card is not transferable.

The loyalty card is to be used in conjunction with H.C.S.C loyalty promotions.

The card remains the property of H.C.S.C.

The management and committe reserve the right to withdraw the card and its privelages at any time.

Any lost or damaged card must be reported to a club officer and bar manager immediatley

Damaged cards will be replaced free of charge.

Lost card replacement will incur an administration fee.

Replacement and new member cards will be administred by club secretary.

Loyalty cards may be loaded with monies by debit or cash payment at point of sale  to be used at members convenience to make transactions simpler and more easily managable.

Any credit remaining on lapsed members card may be returned to the club secretary/treasurer for reimbursement of monies on account.

A loyalty card cannot be redeemed for cash.

Members can check ther card balance by asking a member of staff to provide report from  our point of sale equipment.

Loyalty card holder must be 16 years of age or older.

Members do not have to use their loyalty card but will then be charged at our standard price rate for transactions.

Members can opt out of loyalty scheme by returning their card to the club secretary and requesting in writing to be removed from the scheme where upon all transactions will be at the standard rate. membership data will still be held for door entry whilst membership is current.

H.C.S.C reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions.